Somali parliament: grouping and where every thing possibly takes place with shameless!

House of the parliament doesn’t seem to be hosting honorable representatives after the lawmakers turned into two groups who don’t listen to themselves let alone other body else while they are supposed to pass or reject bills or give vote of confidence to the cabinet ministers.
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Somali parliament: grouping and where every thing possibly takes place with shameless!

As you have heard in the news or read on the websites, parliamentarians had a meeting on 22nd, November and the purpose of their assembly was to give vote of confidence to the new cabinet ministers of Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo, but what happened?

348 mps gathered at the meeting of house of parliament, but before opening the conference there were whispering, lobbying and grouping which legislators were having inside the building and in particular the wing who was against the new ministers to be approved included former ministers of Omar A/rshid and mps like Khadijo Mohamed Diriye, Fowsiyo Mohamed Sheikh, A/Rashid Irro, Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade, Moallin Jiis, Asho Ahmed Abdalla, Boot and others.

This group including parliament speaker, Sharif Hassan SH. Adam wanted to give vote of confidence to the cabinet ministers through secret manner while others required a form of raising hands.

Parliament speaker has opened the meeting and told mps that there were two motions that parliamentarians brought about to approve the Farmajo’s council calling two mps from the groups in order to read their drafts and why they say so and so.

clasping, whistling and no respect to each group were the signs seen and happening in the hall and each group representative read his papers with out consideration and Sharif Hassan Shiekh Adam, speaker supported inclined to one group saying that polling boxes should be brought and the form would secret one.

The two groups which parliamentarians are divided argue and allege that some of the constitutional and sub-charters write about the ways that lawmakers could approve or give vote of confidence reading those articles in front of the mps.

Sharif’s self decision about the disputed two forms of approving the prime minister’s government worsened the atmosphere of the hole where I call children’s cinemas in the lawless country of Somalia and that led mps to box and fight with in the hole.

The African union peacekeeping force and government police were keeping guide the security of the area and all parts of media were present with the violent representatives and some of mps were not very happy about the presence of the press at the hole like Mr. Boot who grabbed some of the journalists there.    

When the loud sound that mps were making intensified, speaker of the parliament Mr. Sharif announced that meeting was closed with out result by no giving or rejecting vote of confidence to the new T.F.G cabinet ministers.

There was also another time in which the speaker tried to pass the bill through secret ballot with, but the same action and reaction from the lawmakers occurred that finally came the meeting an end with out fruitfulness.

The Supreme Court suggested that the cabinet ministers should be approved in a way of raising hands as the constitution of the 1960.s and as the national judge Mr. A/lahi Dahir Barre told.

People in the capital were already very much disappointed and dissatisfied with the bad behavior of the T.F.G parliamentarians adding now that they could be expected every evil acts.

a young boy whose age was 15 told Keydmedia that he has surprised at the Somali mps and pointed them to be dealing with like younger children in the cinemas or  in the play grounds refusing each to play and so on.

No one can predict the situation of Somalia in future and in particular the possibility for the premier’s cabinet ministers as everything can be expected from the parliamentarians to reject vote of confidence or give although other prime minister used to these bribes.

local and international community call for Somali legislators to approve the government as it has only short period in its existence and drop shouting out completely.

This is not the first fight and dispute among Somali mps, they similarly fought in Nairobi, Kenya in 2005, but let’s wait the out come of their fake duty and some of local people believe that there is national foreign interference including Al-shabab fighters saying they serve for those and against to have Somali a strong and effective government as the new prime minister is believed to be honest.

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

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