Somalia: The Unearthing of the Scandal of the TFG - Keydmedia Exclusive

Keydmedia - The current TFG has squandered USD 76 million tax money generously given by the people of the United States of America. So far, less than three million USD are spent on legitimate purposes. Such gift was earmarked to restore defunct social services: Paying salary of all government staffers and security units, as well as covering all legitimate services undertaken by the TFG.
Somalia: The Unearthing of the Scandal of the TFG - Keydmedia Exclusive

The tax payers are asking a thorough forensic investigation and will not happy until the culprits are rounded up and put on the altar of justice.

Big names mentioned in the Congressional hearing of the USA foreign subcommittee include: The president of the current TFG, the current and former Minister of Finance, the deputy of the former Prime Minster, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmaajo” and Mr. Omar A. Ali Sharmarke.

Perhaps the whereabouts of other misused aid money donated by generous Arab countries will lead to the same fate.

Keydmedia was a big promoter of government financial accountability and good governance, but the self-appointed amirs of the TFG never budged of the people’s inquiry.

In their limited, myopic mental frame, they thought it will suffice the backup of the USA, the UN, the EU, the Arab League, the AU, and in particular, the EGAD countries and that gave them the immunity to misuse the funds tagged for the security, the stability and the restoration of obsolete social services. The big spoilers never thought there will be a reckoning day when a money trail will transpire and lead to individual stakeholder in any foreseeable date.

When the chips fall wherever they may, then we will learn that a big share of the money trail will lead to paying logistic supplies and operational funds to radical faction groups.

Please share with us the  Attached Congressional hearing.

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

Somalia is on the move. It is pushing for foreign investment, and large infrastructure projects are changing the face of its scarred capital city, Mogadishu. These developments could promise better fortunes for Somalis as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic