What is the obstacle of government army’s development?

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)-since the transitional federal government moved to the capital, Mogadishu late December, 2006 and took upper hand from the Islamic courts unions which were controlling south and central Somalia, the government stated that it would improve the quality of government army through getting better training.
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What is the obstacle of government army’s development?

High school graduates were taken into abroad although their parents were informed that these students are supposed to get university, but the students were misled and led to the neighboring country of Ethiopia early 2007 where they had taken military training in Ethiopia.
When government army finished their training course, they returned to the capital Mogadishu and they were named “Copy” which was meant that where like Ethiopian soldiers in many shapes, physical structures and walking also and so did other Somali soldiers who have been trained in Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan.

United Nations for development programs ‘UNDP’ is responsible for whole salary payment of the transitional federal government’s army but what about the fact of this issue in giving salaries to the military and police.

Role of the UNDP and the Army As we are aware of the government functions support from international community through united nation for development programs ‘UNDP’ which is responsible for payment of government branches from top to the bottom.

The army is divided into many categories, but there are two major parts: military and police and UNDP pays salaries of the police only which are also two sections, ones who get salary and others who don’t.  

These are told that they would give salary of $100, but they don’t get money monthly payment and they are given $700 once in seven month’ salaries, hence how can a government soldier who was told being government army and became lack of salary of seven months’ period act?

The result is that every soldier among the police searches for a way to survive by trying to find his daily bread with the gun AK47 robbing and going through people wherever they are  in buses, streets and their business centers.

When the transitional federal government takes attacks against Islamist militias, it sometimes advances and captures more positions from its opponents in the morning, but in the mid day government soldiers return from frontlines to where they could get Kat they consume or chew and at the sometime government officials held press conference saying that they have occupied many areas that rival group control while they Islamist militias reach the scene immediately.

Similarly military army are seen inside the streets walking  and roaming as police being not in better position and their suitable camps because they are disappointed of how their role in the country was lost.

The strange story is that government military and police fight in the town and their clashes cause death and wound that would later be solved by government chief commanders but what is to be asked is that government’s satisfaction with the inefficiency of the military and police and lack of salaries of government soldiers.

By Seeko keydmedia.net Correspondent

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

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