Asad Hared - Towards the end of last year, I and many others across the world have seen inhumanly atrocities over Kabhanley attack.
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Towards the end of last year, I and many others across the world have seen inhumanly atrocities over Kabhanley attackA state has a responsibility to protect its population for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing.  

Astonishingly, when the president was asked why this massacre happened under your watch, his response was “my hands are tight” peculiar!

President Mohamoud has once stated to end the war between two tribes and yet this has been going on for the last five months, and he has not sat his foot at once!Mrs Dahabo Ahmed is late 80’s whose lived in Kabhanley her entire life her sister Amina Ali told one of my close friend over the phone that attack had begun during the night almost 8,000 families have fled the area some are missing and some still do not know where they headed and there is no prospect at all for resettling the innocent people.  It’s worth bearing in mind when will these perpetrators will bring on the punish and decent justice served.  By seeing the above women who appeared that she lost their loved one, I found myself moved to tears.

At a remote town called (Kabhanley) one hour journey from Beletweyne.  I made an effort to call one of the elderly men who lives in Kabhanley, he told me that the militia wearing the government uniform and carrying the government weapons had deliberately massacred for innocent civilians & systematically and brutally killed innocent people “as ugly as it sounds”.

I become alarmed after seeing the above photos that innocent children has lost their father and many women become widowed wondering why this had occurred, and why that our government did not protected us.

 Initially, I was told that a couple of  Mp’s in Somalia had visited the area to make a peaceful treaty/agreement, they were supposed to have first-class diplomacy and intelligence services, but it appeared to be they hadn’t had the faintest idea what was going on.

I believe cosmetic agreement can’t & would not change anything, in realty world, decent agreements would have carried a real weight and expresses whole heartedly to the innocent victims who’s killed callously.

I cannot help but recall the immortal words of the world’s greatest teacher, Socrates, when he said and I quote that “the closest any man can get to perfection is to admit his mistakes”

I profoundly believe that this denial can do harm and encourage culture of victimhood, as Mohamoud had repeatedly failed in a moral way to resolve this, and this will remain one of the proudest moments in our history.  Of course there are other numerous cases in Lower Shebelle Number fifty remains odd and beyond comprehension the new prime minister ought to know these atrocities.
Bizarrely enough, they failed to understand the underlying problems and designed drafted treaty and each with reason of their own “belly & pocket”.      

Officially, President Hassan still insists there is war between two tribes, but the question is why the other side of the coin not to see their damaged destruction and more importantly their death, or their properties looted and burnt,   tragically, the opposite happened. Under Mahmud’s administration though systematic broke  of  human rights ignored the Geneva conventions and aided what many believe to have been atrocities in Kabhanleey” he may not like the facts, but he can’t hide the concrete facts.

Privately, it’s now a different story, Instead Mahmoud played the politics of what’s appear to be a “close ears”.   But this was a wrong approach both morally & legally denying for such atrocities is a criminality in all accounts.

Problem number one, The African Union peace keeping mission (Djibouti) had trained some of the Somali men and funded by Federal Government to be part of the soldiers that even took part in these atrocities. This is a “shocking revelation” there is compelling evidence is mounting and this was never materialised i.e. urgent attention was never given like basic food, water & medical aid. All this helps to explain why the innocent children and elderly people had  targeted, killed and ostracized  from their homes/ community and yet ended up in refugee camps with no help.

Mr Hassan is a busy man, but one has to wonder about the kind of advice he is receiving since becoming the president of Somalia.  

Something has gone wrong, and it must be dealt with immediate effect to end of it, the scale of butchering of inhumanly in the face of Federal Government is utterly unacceptable, in the equipment i.e. dresses & weapons   full investigation is required in the light of Kabhanley inquiry.

I was asked  by the tribal leader in Kablhanley why the Local Imams and community leader did not interfere this aggression he replied, over the phone said, I don’t think that local Imams were bad but- they were just caught in a most terrible situation that is way beyond them or anyone’ s comprehension. He continued as he was cracking his voice with full of dismay.

We have been targeted by the region leader called ( Laqanyo) and his team, as chief of commander of Federal Government Mr Mohamoud was an ally indirectly.

But the despite the deadly serious aggression, it is surely morally indefensible for Federal government to support directly or  indirectly  Laqanyo’s team who was encouraged and motivated by the chief commander (Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud) in this wholesale slaughtering of innocent civilians the motive is unclear.

Many of these children have seen their parents, brothers, and sisters, cousin and friends attacked randomly killed and maimed by the shells and heavy artillery aimed at them by their own Federal government despite paid a huge contribution by the Beledweyne University, Local Bridges as well as hospitals collected by professor Warfaa who is currently living USA.

President Hassan Sheikh promises change when he enters the villa Somalia, Indeed, among the myriad problems he faces in his presidency, the need to find a full stability of this naked aggression will be one of the utmost importances.

Asad Hared

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

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