Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | The international community’s labeling of Warlords/Faction Leaders — The descriptive names given by the Somalis to the elements involved at their various stages of regression and the reasons why they do not consider them as leaders and deny them such labels have been sufficiently explained in the previous pages. However, for reasons of ease and uniformity henceforth we shall use the international community’s label: “Warlords or Faction Leaders”.

Part 4: A Different Perspective For Long Lasting Peace And Stability In Somalia

Editorial Dr. Mohamed Warsame ‘Kimiko’ | 23 August 2014

Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | The Role of Warlords in Exacerbating Crisis — The evolution of the Warlord/Faction Leaders phenomenon — Knowledge of both the background and an understanding of the reality on the ground are necessary elements in the search for appropriate approaches and solutions to Somalia’s prolonged political crisis.

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Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | This book is an attempt to present a brief but yet complete and clear picture of the socio-political landscape of Somalia and offer some concrete suggestions that will solve the country’s seemingly intractable political crisis.

Recovery of Somalia’s Overseas Assets: Ill-considered priority

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 17 August 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — The accusations for corruption and abetting terrorism against the federal government gained momentum and credence for the discovery of substantive evidence.

Ugly Clan Federalism Sparks Fresh Turmoil

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 10 August 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — The formation of federal Member States (FMS) without legal and political consensus sparks fresh political and social turmoil in all regions of Somalia. It is unequivocally clear that the federal system based on clan ownership of territory has become major obstacle to national reconciliation, peacebuilding, and statebuilding in Somalia. It polluted the notion of state, citizenship, and Islamic values and intensified clan rivalry and vanity within the Somali society everywhere.


Editorial Keydmedia Online | 24 July 2014

Ambassador Mohamed Osman Omar — The story you read is partially fact and partially fiction about what would happen at the end of the tenure of the present Federal Administration and the term of office of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and if the promised election fails to take place in September 2016.

Somalia: Beleaguered President sought relief in divisive clan federalism

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 12 July 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — In violation of the Provisional Constitution, the law on establishing local administrations (districts and regions before federal states), the recommendations of the “Vision 2016 Conference” held in Mogadishu in September 2-6 2013, the mandates of the Ministry of Interior and Federalism, the purpose of Boundaries and Federation Commission, and the impartial mediation between two rival groups, on June 23, 2014, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud presided a ceremony at Villa Somalia in which he declared the formation of Southwest Federal Member State composed of three regions (SW3)-Bay, Bakol, and Lower Shabelle and rejected the rival one of six regions (SW6) which included Jubbaland State regions- Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba, and Gedo.

America on Somalia’s side

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 27 June 2014

Mr. Mohamud M Uluso — Lately, major news headlines on Somalia have diminished the hope for relief of the human suffering in Somalia.

Somalia: IGAD, UN, and EU ousted President Hassan

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 7 June 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — On May 5th, more than 100 parliamentarians signed a letter calling President Hassan to resign immediately. Then, on May 27, 2014, the Intern-Governmental Authority on Development (Ethiopia and Kenya), the United Nations (UN), and the European Union (EU) issued a follow up Joint Statement that ousted (President) Hassan and promoted Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed as their designated local partner.

Mogadishu: THE LITMUS test for the Somali government

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 29 May 2014

Sayidomar Yasin Sheikh — The Somalia’s conundrum, solving it, determines who to win and who to fail in spreading the government suit to all over Somalia, the nub of the Somali’s problem, some got trapped in it to death, others skillfully unraveled it but could not maintain the result to the end!, still the perfect testing ground for any Somali policy driver – Mogadishu, the riddle which challenged the whole world.

Effective action of Somalia’s Kenya Diplomatic Relations

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 13 May 2014

Effective action of Somalia’s Kenya Diplomatic Relations and Its Consequences of Regional and International Standpoints — Saleban Cisman | First uneasy diplomatic action of Somalia for a decade of civil-war, after restoration of fully recognized sovereign state is worth-enough in Kenya to explain violation of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as well it will have a deep consequences, to the regional and international arena of diplomatic relations between them.

Somalia: State-building under Attack

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 10 May 2014

Mohamud M Uluso —Despite the troubling silence of African, Islamic, and Western leaders about the Kenya government’s brutal human rights violations against the Somali community in Kenya for their ethnic background and about its unlawful military and diplomatic actions in Jubba regions of Somalia, a glimmer of hope emerged in April when two Nordic diplomats renewed a focus on peacebuilding and state-building in Somalia.

Senate Report Set to Reveal Djibouti as CIA “BLACK SITE”

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 3 May 2014

Djibouti (KON) - The legal case of a former CIA detainee suing the government of Djibouti for hosting the facility where he says he was detained could be helped by the contents of a still-classified Senate report.

What’s it like to be Somali in Kenya

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 10 April 2014

ABDI LATIF EGA — Twitter is abuzz and Somalis are trending in Kenya, not for reasons of their own, but rather impositions beyond their capacity. There is quite a lot of outrage from all corners that Kenyans venture, from the passionately human to the average reactionary comments in “ full support” (“remove them”) of the state.

Kenyan Somalis are Guilty Until Proven Innoncent

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 6 April 2014

M. Iftin. H —Hundreds of ethnic Somalis living in Nairobi's Eastliegh neighborhood have been arrested following Monday attacks that killed six people in the Somali populated neighborhood.

Wide gulf between Somalia’s leader and UNSOM’s Head

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 28 March 2014

Mohamud Uluso — The post transitional Somali leaders elected in 2012 were entrusted with the special duty to lead a full-fledged state of Somalia with its sovereignty, unity, economic recovery, security, and institutional capacity restored and to conduct a free and fair national political election in 2016.


Editorial Keydmedia Online | 18 February 2014

Abdulkadir Mohamed Osman, “Abdiboqor” - The UN's Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG)'s latest 14-pages report said, "Arms for Somalia were diverted to militias and systematic abuse by officials happened after loosening of embargo has allowed diversion of weapons to armed groups including Al-Shabaab". The report also recommended the reinstating of the arms embargo on Somali.