Al-Shabaab poses threat to Somalia’s election

The terror group has staged deadly attacks in Somalia and beyond borders, mainly in Kenya since the country sent troops to join AMISOM in 2012.

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Al-Shabaab poses threat to Somalia’s election

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Shabaab militants have carried out a daring attack in southern Somalia, the latest in a series of terrorist incidents in the long-chaotic Horn of Africa country.

Heavily armed militants on foot tried to storm the main police station in the Wajid district of the Bakol region, sparking an intense gunfight with Southwest regional troops in the area.

Local residents said the police received reinforcements from a nearby military base outside the town as they battle to fend off the attack. Both sides exchanged heavy and small arms.

The fighting raged on for about half-hour with the regional forces managed to push back the attackers who fled from the scene. Details of the casualties on both sides still remain sketchy.

Al-Shabaab which pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in 2012 has been waging an insurgency in an attempt to oust the UN-backed weak Somali government which is protected by AU troops.

The terror group is posing threat to national security and the ongoing election in Somalia as it stepped up its attacks in the government-controlled areas, including the capital, Mogadishu.


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Warar 24 January 2022 7:53

Dhambaallada ay taariikhdu qoreyso oo aan joosi lahayn ilaa saacaddu istaageyso, ayaa shalay mar kale is qortay kadib markii uu hal Wasiir si cad uga hor yimid in laga laabto go’aankii khaldanaa ee Xukuumaddii uu ka tirsanaa Ururka ONLF ugu dartay liiska Argagixisada.