AMISOM announces where to execute AU soldiers killed civilians

The murder of the seven people took place in the vicinity of Golweyn, Lower Shabelle region on 10th August of this year.

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AMISOM announces where to execute AU soldiers killed civilians

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said on Friday that it sentenced five Ugandan soldiers to death and jail terms for killing seven civilians on August 10 this year.

After sitting from 2-12th Nov 2021 and reviewing all the facts including witness statements, the Court Martial on 12th Nov 2021, found the soldiers guilty of killing the civilians.

Two of the soldiers were sentenced to death while the other three were each sentenced to 39 years in prison. The people were brutally killed and their bodies were cut up with a bomb.

They will be repatriated from Somalia to Uganda to serve their sentences, said AMISOM in a statement released on Saturday. The relatives of the slain civilians attended the proceedings. 

This is contrary to remarks made by Somalia's justice minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur who said on Saturday that the two Ugandan soldiers will be executed in the country.

The families of the slain farmers have attended the court proceeding and witnessed the ruling, however, it is unclear if they will accept the UPDF soldiers face justice in their country.

Since the arrival of the AU troops in January 2007, they have committed many killings, rapes against women and girls, as well as other atrocities due to lack of accountability by the Govt.


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