Bomb blast hits security checkpoint in Somalia’s capital

Jazeera beach is a popular tourist destination where many people in Mogadishu go to spend time on weekends.

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Bomb blast hits security checkpoint in Somalia’s capital

MOGADISHU, Somalia – A bomb attack at a police checkpoint at a tourist hotspot in Mogadishu, the Somali capital killed at least one government soldier and wounded several civilians on Tuesday.

Confirming the incident, the area administrator Hussein Jila’ow Aden said a remote-controlled landmine has used the attack that struck police in charge of the Jazeera beach security.

Aden has added that two people suspected of being involved in the explosion had been arrested and that an investigation was underway as no group yet claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Jazeera beach, on the southern edge of Mogadishu, attracts thousands of mostly young Somalis who come to relax and enjoy the beach, spending time on weekends.


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