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Warar Keydmedia Online | 24 July 2021

Footage from the scene showing people in a panic running on the street as gunfire echoed in the background. The deadly infighting continued for minutes, halting the public transport for a while.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 10 July 2021

The car bomb struck a convoy carrying Benadir regional police commander Farhan Mohamed Aden, known as "Farhan Qaroole" who survived the blast at the busy Banadir junction.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 15 June 2021

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the base bombing.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 15 June 2021

The exact number of the casualties still remains sketchy. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 2 June 2021

Mohamud who served in office 2012-2016 escaped unhurt from fire by security forces at a checkpoint on his motorcade near the Benadir regional court complex in the ancient Hamarweyne district.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 8 June 2021

Jazeera beach is a popular tourist destination where many people in Mogadishu go to spend time on weekends.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 25 May 2021

The 14-year-old Ruman Abdulkadir accidentally pulled the trigger of a loaded pistol while filming on her phone, say police

Warar Keydmedia Online | 20 May 2021

The leaders of the five regional states in Somalia and the PM are expected to hold key talks in Mogadishu, in the latest attempt to iron out the long-running electoral deadlock. 

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