Compromise unacceptable in Ikran’s murder case, says candidate

The family of the slain NISA officer filled a lawsuit against Fahad Yasin and three other senior spy officials blamed for the assassination of Ikran Tahlil.

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Compromise unacceptable in Ikran’s murder case, says candidate

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, one of Somalia's most influential presidential candidates, has joined calls for justice for Ikran Tahlil, a 25-year-old NISA officer who went missing on 26th June 2021 after being abducted from her house around the Intelligence HQs in Mogadishu.

The candidate has unveiled a plan by the outgoing speaker of parliament Mohamed Mursal, a close ally of Farmajo to convince PM Roble to stop advocating for justice for the slain spy agent.

"No compromise in the murder case of Ikran Tahlil. The girl should get the justice she deserves. The perpetrators have to be arraigned in court without conditions, said the candidate.

Warsame accused Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Karie Qoor-Qoor and Mursal of working on how the Ikran case to be dropped in order to put a deal between Farmajo and PM Roble.

The case of Iran's assassination has further fueled political tensions between the two top Somali leaders fighting for control, with Farmajo recently saying he suspended the PM's powers.

The opposition candidates took a united stance on the murder case, calling on PM Roble to spearhead efforts to prosecute those behind the heinous crime that sent a wave of shock among the people of Somalia.


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Warar 24 October 2021 7:50

Wadaadka xiriirka xooggan la leh kooxo diimeed ka jira Iran, Shaakir, wuxuu ku soo duulay degaan nabad ah oo nidaam dowladnimo iyo kala danbeyn amni ku naalloonaya, wuxuuna muddo dheer oo kataabo garbaha u surnaayeen kadib cagta saaray jidkii Xasan Dhaahir Aweys, ee qori kursi ku doonka ahaa.