Farmajo says suspended the powers of the prime minister

The outgoing president has taken yet another dangerous measure to create instability and battle over power in the Horn of Africa country. 

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Farmajo says suspended the powers of the prime minister

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia faces its biggest turmoil as the outgoing President suspended the powers of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on Thursday. 

Farmajo has issued a decree suspending the powers of the PM, after accusing him of issuing unilateral decisions that do not comply with the country's laws and constitution.

The outgoing leader has banned PM Roble from making dismissals or appointments, pending the completion of the country's elections to elect a new government.

"After having seen that the PM has violated the Provisional Constitution, his powers have been suspended and he will not make any decisions from now on," said a statement from Farmajo.

Farmajo accused Roble of deviating from his mandate of overseeing elections and its security. He stated that the move was taken after Roble took hasty steps not consulted with him.


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