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News Keydmedia Online | 22 November 2022

It's believed that massive corruption took place during Farmajo's presidency and so far no official has been held accountable. This makes Somalia one of the top corrupt nations in the globe.

News Keydmedia Online | 9 October 2022

The president who is leading the country for the second time is credited for taking the fight against Al-Shabaab inside the group's territory and encouraging the public to join the liberation war.

News Keydmedia Online | 13 July 2022

Farmajo has been accused of being behind high-profile assassinations in Mogadishu and attacks against former presidents and opposition leaders.

News Keydmedia Online | 29 June 2022

Major crimes have taken place in Somalia, including targeted assassinations, extradition of Qalbi Dhagah, and raid against opposition and former leaders during Farmajo's presidency from 2017 to 2022  

News Keydmedia Online | 5 June 2022

Credible sources revealed to KON that Farmajo is using a fake online fund-raising campaign as a money-laundering tool to withdraw millions of public funds he embezzled from local and international banks.

News Keydmedia Online | 31 May 2022

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is not new to the presidency. He ruled the country between 2012 and 2017 and regained power from his successor Farmajo after emerging as the winner of the May 15 election.

News Keydmedia Online | 22 May 2022

Farmajo has stayed in Villa Somalia, the state house for more than five years, one year beyond his four-year term that expired in February 2021.

News Keydmedia Online | 17 May 2022

The return of former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who was re-elected into office on Sunday night following an intense contest with the incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, has raised optimism of a resumption of normalcy in relations with Somalia.

News Keydmedia Online | 9 May 2022

According to a joint parliamentary committee tasked with organizing the election, the registration began on Sunday and will go on until Tuesday to give a chance to the remaining candidates, including Said Deni.

News Keydmedia Online | 5 May 2022

International pressure, including threats by the International Monetary Fund to suspend the debt review programme, has pushed Somali politicians back into the electoral schedule.

News Keydmedia Online | 12 April 2022

The General’s remarks come as the Federal election body [FEIT] announced a new parliament will be sworn-in on April 14 in Mogadishu as the much-delayed election that began in July 2021 is now at the conclusion stage.

News Keydmedia Online | 11 April 2022

He said Farmaajo is losing the battle with Jubaland president Ahmed Madobe over influence in the Gedo region, forcing him to use the foreign militia to influence and destabilize Jubaland.