PM ‘part of voter fraud’, helping Farmajo win reelection: source

The ongoing election in Somalia drew local and international condemnations after the process has been hijacked by leaders at the Villa Somalia.

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PM ‘part of voter fraud’, helping Farmajo win reelection: source

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The prime minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble is under immense pressure after losing control of the ongoing elections in the country.

Roble fell right into Farmajo's trap and became part of his campaign team working on his reelection, a move that deals big block to the transparency of the current electoral process.

Keydmedia Somali service has received information indicating that the PM is plotting to transfer the election of 41 seats to Mogadishu from their constituencies in Garbaharey [16 seats] and Beledweyne [25 seats]. Both towns are in Jubaland and HirShabelle respectively. 

If the seats moved to the capital, they will go directly to Farmajo pocket who is making tireless efforts to rig the ballot so that he could realize his dreams to stay in office for another 4 years.
This is part of a deal mediated by Qatar that ended Roble’s fallout with Farmajo last month.

The Lower House election was scheduled to take place in 12 constituencies in the five Federal states and the Benadir region, according to the electoral agreement reached on 17 Sep. 2020.

Fahad Yasin, the most influential man in the government who was booted out of NISA by the PM in September this year after being convicted of Ikran Tahlil murder is running of MP seat.

The outgoing president appointed the notorious former spy chief as his national security advisor to save him from prosecution for his role in the NISA’s cybersecurity head assassination.

Yasin wants to unseat the long-serving lawmaker Farah Abdulkadir, a once-powerful man in the previous government led by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who served in the office 2012-2016.

The opposition presidential candidates in Mogadishu are speechless after having seen massive looting of the Lower House seats by the Villa Somalia-backed regional leaders and Farmajo.

Farmajo is currently in Qatar on a mission to win the support of the Gulf nation which has generously funded his 2017 election with a mission of US dollars channeled through Fahad Yasin.


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