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News Keydmedia Online | 9 March 2022

The UN chief added that under the plan, ATMIS's first reduction of 2,000 troops would not occur until after December 2022, with more decreases in each phase.

News Keydmedia Online | 6 March 2022

After one and a half-decade of operation, the African Union Mission in Somalia, Amisom, will, starting end of this month, transition to the African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

News Keydmedia Online | 5 March 2022

Next Monday, the 7th of March, marks the 15th anniversary of AMISOM. Internationally, the mission is widely seen as a success in stabilizing the country at a time when it was in the grip of a civil war in 2006

News Keydmedia Online | 2 March 2022

The AU official has been on a three-day visit to Somalia where he held high-level engagements with government officials, civil society members, and Somalia's international partners.

News Keydmedia Online | 28 February 2022

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu on Monday, the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security Bankole Adeoye said AMISOM will end its mission by March 31 of this year.

News Keydmedia Online | 26 February 2022

Howlgalka Midowga Afrika ee Soomaaliya ayaa lagu heshiiyay in loo bedelo ATMIS, oo ah magac cusub oo loo bixiyay Ciidan si KMG usii joogi doono dalka.

News Keydmedia Online | 26 February 2022

Safaaradaha reer galbeedka, sida kuwa Mareykanka iyo UK ayaa degan xarunta Xalane, oo ah meel saldhig u ah AMISOM.

News Keydmedia Online | 23 February 2022

PM Roble praised the security agencies and the AMISOM for their efforts to eradicate Al-Shabaab from the country and stressed the need to continue cooperation in the stabilizing process.

News Keydmedia Online | 23 February 2022

ATMIS is tasked with consolidating gains made in the security and war on Al-Shabaab by AMISOM since their arrival in 2007 and supporting Somali Transitional Plan [STP].

News Keydmedia Online | 7 February 2022

African Union said it is committed to ensuring a stable and secure Somalia as AMISOM’s mandate ends on 31st March 2022 as the country is in the middle of a crisis and holding a crucial parliamentary election.

News Keydmedia Online | 2 February 2022

Howlgalka AMISOM ayaa billowdey January 2007, waxaana qeyb ka ah dalalka Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Jabuuti iyo Itoobiya oo Ciidamo badan ku yaboohay.

News Keydmedia Online | 22 December 2021

The decision gives African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) the green light to carry on its operation until March 31, 2022, according to a statement by the Security Council on Tuesday night after the vote.