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Wednesday 1 April 2015 22:15

5 Kenyan Soldiers killed by Al shabaab attack in South-West Somalia

EL WAK, Somalia (KON) -- Residents say at least 5 Soldiers belonging to the Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) in Somalia have been killed in a heavy gun-battle with militants with the Al Qaeda-allied Al shabaab group, KON reports.

Teaser Image 5 Kenyan Soldiers killed by Al shabaab attack in South-West Somalia

A resident who insisted to remain anonymous told KON via telephone that Heavily armed Al shabaab fighters waylaid Kenyan military convoy transporting supply from El Waq town to their army base in El-Adde area in Gedo region.

"The ambush attack sparked 4 hours long combat between the Al shabaab and KDF. We could hear loud explosions and gunfire billowing from Injira-Boodo area, where both sides fought fiercely," said the resident.

After the attack ended, KDF took their wounds and dead bodies to their base in El-Adde area, according to the sources. Reports also indicate that at least 10 Al shabaab fighters died in Wednesday's  fighting.

KON English News Service

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