UN & the Dashed Hopes of Somali Young Generations

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan- Keydmedia - Virginia, USA - How to prevent further erosion of United Nations’ honored guiding principles in regards to troubled nations of the 3rd World countries? In respect to the Somali society, the damage has been done already, and yet, we badly need a timely genuine intervention of the United Nations’ Security Council and reverse the downward trend.
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UN & the Dashed Hopes of Somali Young Generations

About 94% of the Somali population sees the handling the works of the UN as abysmal and counter-productive of settling the political controversy of the country.

The current underpinning impasse needs re-evaluation, and yet the UN has failed to assess its strategy and tackle the underlying problems that have been overlooked since 1991, just to mention a few outstanding problems.

Perhaps, a metaphorical example could explain the missed opportunities of solving the Somali problem. If Mr. Bank Ki Moon tacks all the flags of the nations on the same tack board and asks a Somali under-age child to pull one flag out of the many, almost 90% of Somali children are likely to have the same feeling and will thin out the flag of the United Nations.

In respect to that point, the light blue emblem has eaten up its glorious days it earned in the annals of history since the end of the 2nd WW; but now its image is in distress and the killers are nonetheless of its policymakers and regional operatives in regard to handling Somalia. We hail to the Cosmo political maturity of Somaliland’s of distancing itself from the pitfall created by the rule of UN.

Why the status of the UN image is so abysmally negative in the minds of the growing generations, especially in the southern and central regions of Somalia?  

The reasons are many and that why we ask the opinion of one thousands of under-age Somali children how they see the true face of UN involvement in a 3rd World country, like Somalia. Some of our readers may ask the validity of child assessment, but Somali children have a big stake in the future of their country’s safe-landing.

Well, Currently, Somali children are the silent majority of the population who will eventually carry on the burden of UN short-sighted policies installed in the country that will negatively impact on their lives in the long run. Secondly, children are genuine and unbiased entity who have no voice in the national agenda and yet steadfast of expressing their unmitigated impressions true to their feelings.

However, children’s reaction has two folds:

Since the fall of the military regime in early 1991, children and young adults have not seen anything positive in the proximity of their neighborhood carried on by the UN Organizations, or the Regional Political Office stationed in Nairobi, except for a few sporadic feeding handouts.

Children are the majority of residential quarters in any urban centers and have not yet seen new classrooms built or repaired and equipped by UNICEF.

They have not seen community clinics or mobile health centers provided and stocked by UNHCR. They have not seen UNDP drilling much needed borehole water wells and serving clean water for the people and their livestock-the backbone of their living hood in pastoral communities.

They have not seen the WFP distributing protein-rich relief foods good for the physical and mental growth of children in advanced malnutrition stage. The truth is that WFP imports more of carbohydrate grains deficient of acceptable nutritional values that are contracted to age-old fraudulent contractors.  

Forget about restoring drainage and sanitation services, providing playgrounds and sports equipment for the young generations, repairing road links and re-instating electrification system of major commercial centers, including the Capital City of the Nation.

In short, the UN deals with a few corrupt stakeholders who do not represent the will and interest of people and much less of being accountable to any rules and regulations in the books of an honest government, except of capitulating to the political designs laid down by the representative of the Secretary general of the UN and to other the leaders of East African countries who perpetuate the political insolvency of the country only to gain a solid foothold in the policy-making system of the internal affairs of Somalia.

In the children’s mental frame, the name “UN” is synonymous to futile, intangible and redundant exercise. But children see the other face of the UN as threatening and antagonistic to their future and way of life, which is a stark contradiction to the traditional, graceful mission of the worldly body.

In short, the UN profile in troubled 3rd world countries is seen as divisive, misleading and out of touch with the aspirations of the local masses.  

In Somalia, the UN made unsuccessful footprints in its efforts of experimenting an alien system called the New World Order from 1992-94 and failed utterly. In 2006-2008, the UN condoned the invasion of Ethiopian armies to the southern regions of Somalia in collaboration with logistic support of US Marines to undertake urban warfare campaigns against the Islamic Courts in civilian residential quarters of Mogadishu and killing, miming and displacing half of the City residents.

The consequence of urban war is devastating to the under-age children and causes many of them to die of cannon impacts, physical injury or mentally and emotionally incapacitated for lifetime, while the survived groups scamper to live in neighborhoods where AMISOM’s heavy artillery keeps shelling, killing and miming a large number of civilian residents since 2006.

AMISOM’s main mission is to protect itself as well as safe-guarding of a handful of TFG establishment under its custody that has been forged by UN and AU observers in foreign soil. Any time an al-shabab foot soldier fires an AK47 to the direction of the TFG quarters or to AMISOM strongholds, they exchange with a barrage of heavy caliber shells just to take out a lonely insurgent guy squatting in a foxhole in residential quarters.

The dual death ratio of defeating al-Shabaab is quite staggering. AMISOM has to kill at least 100-200 civilians before they root out a single al-Shabaab foot soldier in the hiding. This indiscriminate and systematic shelling of AMISOM equates to killing 1 million civilians before they take out 10 thousand al-Shabaab fighters…and this is one of the fallacious policies mandated by UN and the AU…!

In fact, by the time al-Shabaab is destroyed in the country, the population of Somalia is totally is eradicated for good. This is a measure of total self-destruction, and perhaps, an alternative way of solving the Somali problem by defacing the country…!

This is another unforgettable of AMISOM’s war undertaking: Children hear and see speeding ambulances blurring their sirens and rushing civilian casualties to the next hospital and clinic emergency rooms.

Weary relations sort out the victims of the day and categorize the dead according to their categories and laid down in rows after rows at the courtyards of emergency rooms: Widowed mothers, the elderly, the under-age children, the pregnant women, the nursing mothers, the former handicaps, the IDP beggars, the university students, bread earning single parents, fruit vendors, Koran students, shopkeepers, toddler babies, neighborhood livestock, water transport donkeys, you name it.

The injured remain helpless and receive scanty medication unless taken over by relations. At the end of a day long fighting, there’s no al-Shabaab dead body among the condemned civilians. They just melted away in underground tunnels dug beneath residential compounds.

The 2nd edition of UN & the Dashed Hopes of Somali Young Generations as the following:
-The Establishment of AMISOM Peace-keeping Contingents
-How an Urban Somali Child Sees Contribution of UN Organizations?
-How a Somali Nomad Child Sees the TFG and Ambassador Mahiga?

The Establishment of AMISOM Peacekeeping contingents

Who mandated AMISOM contingents to kill and mime civilian masses without impunity? Surely it is the orchestrated vision and efforts of the AU and United Nations Security Council.

Who pays the salary of the AMISOM tank gunners who lobby killing shells to residential quarters? The United Nations do.

Who condones the death toll of hundreds of thousands of civilians of all walks of life and massive displacement of 3.2 million persons since the Ethiopian army invaded the southern regions of Somalia in 2006? The United Nations do.

Who treats the injured? It is up to the targeted civilians and respective next kin.

Who keeps the statistical numbers of the dead, the injured, the handicapped, and the displaced massed? No one does and no one cares about it.  

Is there any prosthetic/orthopedic facilities provided by the UN to rehabilitate the handicapped segment of war affected population in Mogadishu and elsewhere? There’s none so far…!

Since the invasion of the Ethiopian army, the civilian death toll was estimated about 280,000 victims. If added up the war related fatalities since 2006, the civilian death could reach as much as half a million human loss. This death toll translates into 1/8 to 1/10 of the Somali population within the past 6 conflicting years and anarchy still ongoing…!

Every human death is not only a family loss but a human tragedy. In the Internet age, the world is an interconnected global village, and the Somali parents wonder how cold blooded could be the policy-makers of the UN who miss to understand the consequence of their bad policies and dismissing our anguish as simple as a strand of passing cloud in the sky and walking away their shortcomings.

The actors who perpetuate the current problems in the south and central regions of Somalia are the contending parties empowered by the UN, namely:  The AMISOM, the TFG and al-Shabaab.

Do we need outright solution to solve the Somali problem? Yes, but the UN and other patronizing East African heads of states are not willing to accept the following simple solution: Train and equip properly Somali security forces within one year and pulling out AMISOM contingents out of the country.

Al-Shabaab will be forced either to take part in the inclusive power-sharing system in the transitional government to be constituted by August, 2012 or risks fighting of a collective war with the Somali masses engaged house to house and turf to turf fight in Somali terms.

Negative Impact of War on cognitive Development in Young Children

The prospect of imposed warring consequence is worrisome to under-age children, the weak and the elderly. In fact, every child born and raised in war zone is radicalized from infancy age and most likely grows into a sterile life void of positive social values and compassion, and eventually turns into a human powder keg.

These children are the perfect lifeline that keeps al-Shabaab in business, and perhaps a reserve foot soldier for far radicalized function group(s) that may pops up down the road. Have we seen a UN sponsored psychologists and psycho therapists healing the mentally disturbed children? Not yet. Is the UN Security Council throwing our future generations to the wolves and writing off them without any remedy of saving the fractured Nations?

How an Urban Somali Child Sees Contribution of the UN Organizations?

The United Nations political establishment protects and empowers the TFG, an interest group imbedded in restricted enclaves in Mogadishu who exploit the country on the expenses of the future and the well-being of the young generations. The young generation sees the TFG as a proxy club that complies only with the directives and ambitions of Ambassador Mahiga.

As corrupt as they are, the TFG is a gateway holder used as a rubber stamp who obliterates the genuine political culture of the nation and fostering the rule of parochial chieftain mentality in the wake of the 21 century democratic rule.

Instead of serving as a role model for the young generation, TFG minds only to sale the national assets and dismantling the legality of the country’s territorial waters. This clique minds only to line up their pockets and spend their time not serve the society but to scramble on corrupt money among themselves in order to stay on power for lifetime; and that is what compels them to shop for political support from diaspora communities.

Turkey, a brotherly nation and often more supportive than many other helpful nations, helped us a lot in short time in political reconciliation and social development of the country, and made a dramatic impact on many sectors that include: Political accommodation, feeding starving children and tending the health care of the sick, reaching al-Shabaab controlled zones and distributing nutritious rations to the hungry, preparing standardized tests for middle  and secondary school graduates and offering free scholarships in record time, while whisking off selected candidates to respective education institution in Turkey within days…!  

In twenty odd year, name, even one UN Organization who did a fraction of what Turkey did in a few months by improving the educational system of the country and offering scholarships those who earned it?

How a Somali Nomad Child Sees the TFG & Ambassador P. Mahiga?

Ambassador Mahiga and TFG establishment are shareholders that rule the fate of the pastoral society of Somalia. In the absence of rainfall in “Gu” season in early March, 2011; they could have predicted a wide-spread famine and starvation on the offing.

They did not. They had time to mobilize the awareness of the world communities to prevent the consequence of a large scale starvation that had engulfed 1/3 of the country’s land mass and caused the death toll of more than a ¼ million of under-age children so far. They missed this opportunity of helping their people again.

They could have drilled more bore hole clean water wells in rural lands to save the lives of thousand persons, while saving millions of livestock heads-the backbone source of living hood for the people.

Again they missed to head off the impending disaster of dying for thirsty, and time was ticking and they waited until some genuine reporters broke the silence and showed the world skeleton children bundled on laps of their anguishing mothers in foreign refugee camps.

Both the TFG and Ambassador Mahiga had the resources to curtail the disaster in early time.

In the peak of the massive famine and starvation days in August, 2011, President Sherif and the Prime Minister of the TFG Professor Abdiweli M. Aligas carried bags brimming with 5 million US cash dollars as political tribute to the President of Puntland Mr. Abdurahman M. Farole in Garowe, and handed over the cash in the presence of Ambassador Mahiga who brokered the friendly relations on the expenses of the starving masses.

What was the deal in the first place? Funneling corrupt money to a fellow stakeholder and forging a political alliance for future leadership in the year 2012. In doing so keeps the team keeps clinging to its respective positions including Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga.

Unfortunately, such money could have saved thousands of children who perished on their way to trekking to Mogadishu relief camps…!  The fact is that either the UN Emissary to Somalia or the leaders of the TFG and Puntland do not care about saving starving children in Somalia.

The question is: What is the position of the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Bank Ki Moon in regard to reversing such negligence created by UN Organizations stationed in Nairobi in order to restore and preserve the credibility of UN efforts in the face of preventing human disaster?

How to phase out the corrupting culture that prevails in TFG leading circles?

Who is accountable of man-made disasters taken place in Somalia?

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan (mohamoud.iman.adan@keydmedia.net ) - keydmedia.net Executive Editor

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

Somalia is on the move. It is pushing for foreign investment, and large infrastructure projects are changing the face of its scarred capital city, Mogadishu. These developments could promise better fortunes for Somalis as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic